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Summer 2021 Restaurant Round-Up: Bella Roma Tuscan Grill

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Welcome back to our Summer 2021 Restaurant Round-Up! If you're just joining us today, you might want to go back and check out our previous posts about FINNS Island Style Grub and Barista Bar and the Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar. Today, we're reviewing one of Panama City Beach's newest restaurants, Bella Roma Tuscan Grill.

Bella Roma is just a short drive from the Joy Coastal condo and serves up a delicious selection of pasta, fresh seafood, and pizza. When we visited this spring, it was after my parents raved about it over and over again all winter long. They weren't wrong. Bella Roma did not disappoint.

Fresh bread and a dipping sauce of olive oil, parmesan, and garlic were served as we were seated. Among the 5 of us, we tried several items from the menu. The Caesar salad and greek salad were both winners. For our entrees, we had the shrimp alfredo, spaghetti alla carbonara, gamberi veneziana, and stuffed shells marchigiana. Every dish was amazingly delicious — every single one.

My mom has a gluten allergy and could have her meal (gamberi veneziana) prepared without gluten exposure. If you're in this camp, you likely don't need a reminder, but she asked the server to ensure that the gluten-free pasta was also cooked in new water. They assured us that this is always the case with a gluten-free order. I think it's worth mentioning, though.

On previous trips to Bella Roma with friends, my parents loved the lamb chops, grouper dishes, chicken marsala, and linguine with clams. Based on multiple experiences at Bella Roma, it seems like it's hard to go wrong with anything on this menu.

Bella Roma has a full-service bar and offers covered outdoor seating. Because they are located off the beach, you may also find shorter wait times. However, I would definitely recommend making a reservation if you know you'll be dining there in advance.

Bella Roma is more upscale, so you'll know if your children will do well there or not. If you love Italian food and you're celebrating a special occasion, you should consider Bella Roma for that meal. Whatever your reason for visiting Bella Roma, we think it will be worth the trip!

Come back tomorrow for our review of Gypsea Crepes!


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