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 ABOUT Joy Coastal 


I believe that opportunities for joy are all around us.  The ocean has always been a source of joy for me personally.  Whether it was as a child visiting my grandparents on Cape Cod, or as an adult cruising to islands in the Caribbean, the ocean has been a place of rest, escape and adventure.  It has been a dream come true to own a little slice of paradise.  We are so excited to share our beach home with you!


When I first laid eyes on the Gulf of Mexico, I was smitten.  The emerald water, the squeaky white sand, and the sound of the waves were like home to me.  My love for Panama City Beach has only grown as I’ve gotten to know the local culture.  I love the Dunes of Panama.  The resort buildings are spread out over 1500 ft of gorgeous shoreline, set back from the road, in a quiet part of Panama City Beach. 


When we first saw this condo, we loved how connected it was to the water.  Having the master bedroom on the Gulf was important to us.  Our family of 4 fits very comfortably into this space.  The waters of the gulf change daily, providing near constant waterfront entertainment.  If you wake up on a morning where the water is calm, grab a cup of coffee and watch the water - I’d be willing to bet you’ll see dolphins catching their breakfast!


Our personal approach to hospitality is one of abundance and trust.  We trust our guests.  It comes across in the way we’ve furnished the space.  We’ve chosen furnishings that we would have in our own home.  The kitchen is outfitted with carefully chosen, newer items for an easy cooking experience.  The books we provide for guests to borrow are our personal favorites - the kind of stories we would like to be immersed in during our own beach vacation. 


As people with busy lives ourselves, we know how precious vacation time is.  We want our guests to feel like they’re staying at a friend’s beach house, where every detail has been thought through.  When the occasional issue arises, we’ll do everything in our power to resolve it in the way we would want it resolved if our own vacation was on the line.  We treat our guests like friends, and by the end of your stay, we consider you one of ours! 

- Carolyn

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