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Summer 2021 Restaurant Round-Up: Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar

Updated: May 31, 2021

Welcome back to our summer restaurant round-up, where we're sharing the scoop on some of our recent food favorites in Panama City Beach, FL. Today, we're visiting the Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar!

A visit to the beach is not complete without a trip to an ice cream shop. One of my favorite childhood memories is visiting my grandparents on Cape Cod in the summer. Each night after dinner, my Pop Pop would take all of the cousins to Friendly's for ice cream. I looked forward to those trips for ice cream every year. Now that my Pop Pop is gone, it brings me joy to see my dad (now also called Pop Pop) taking my kids for ice cream at the beach. So, if you also choose ice cream after dinner EVERY night of your vacation, we approve. Call it memory-making and savor the moments.

The Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar is a short drive from the Joy Coastal condo at the Shoppes at Edgewater. The Pink Pelican gets its name from a sighting of (thought to be extinct) pink pelicans in Panama City Beach in 2007.

The Pink Pelican has a wide variety of hard-packed ice cream flavors. While there are definitely flavors you'll recognize, I thought they had a great selection of interesting new flavors too.

Ice cream can be served in their famous fudge-dipped waffle cones. These cones are dipped in homemade fudge, which adds rich flavor to any treat.

We tried the Pink Pelican Special (butterscotch ice cream with brownies, peanut butter cups, and heath bar) and the Miami Vice (coconut ice cream with pineapples and strawberries). Both were delicious!

The Pink Pelican also serves several flavors of fudge, which is made in house.

Air conditioned seating is available inside. There is also additional seating outside.

In our book, a trip to the Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar is a must for your trip to Panama City Beach!

Come back tomorrow for our take on Panama City Beach's newest (and best?) Italian restaurant, Bella Roma Tuscan Grill.


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