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Summer 2021 Restaurant Round-Up: Finns Island Style Grub and Barista Bar

Updated: May 31, 2021

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. We're kicking it off with our Summer 2021 Restaurant Round-up. Check back each day this week for our recommendations on restaurants worth visiting on your next stay at the Joy Coastal condo in Panama City Beach, FL. Some of the restaurants are new to the PCB food scene, and others are tried and true favorites.

We're starting the series with FINNS. I love the food at FINNS so much that I really can't believe it has taken me this long to write about it!


Wish I was there now.

If you visit without me, eat a taco for me.

Located right across the street from the condo, Finns offers something for everyone. They describe their food as "island style grub," and between the reggae music and the sticker-clad food truck, the island vibes are present as soon as you set foot on the property. FINNS has two different food offerings in the same location. The first is a food truck serving island-style breakfast and lunch fare located right next to Mr. Surf's Surf Shop.

FINNS Barista Bar is inside the surf shop and offers coffee, smoothies and breakfast bowls. Because they serve both breakfast and lunch, you can go twice a day. It's allowed.

Breakfast tacos and iced latte.

My favorite thing to order for breakfast is the breakfast tacos. They are substantial and packed full of flavor. You can add various proteins to the tacos as well. I always hop next door to get an iced latte from the coffee shop too.

FINNS also serves breakfast burritos, banana pancakes, and pancake tacos. That's a thing. Don't believe me? Visit FINNS for breakfast and see for yourself.

The barista bar inside the surf shop has smoothies, overnight oats, granola, breakfast bowls, and avocado toast. There really is something for everyone!

For lunch, my go-to is the Beachin' Yardbird jerk chicken tacos with a side of roasted sweet potatoes.

It's a struggle each time I go though, because I'm also drawn to the fish tacos.

And the shrimp tacos.

And the carnitas burrito bowl.

And the ceviche.

The struggle is real.

I will say that in general, the food at FINNS is spicy. Personally, I love it. It is flavorful and balanced. But it's a consideration if you don't do well with heat (Ahem! Hubby, I'm looking at you...)

The food at FINNS is perfect for the beach. I love to bring my food back and eat it at the beach. If you can eat FINNS tacos while you watch the waves crash on the beach, you, my friend, are winning at life.

Come back tomorrow for our take on the Pink Pelican Ice Cream Bar!


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