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Cruise Vacation Cancelled? We've Got an Alternative

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Cruising is one of our family's favorite ways to vacation. Last summer we booked a family cruise for May 2021 on Carnival's newest ship - the Mardi Gras. At the time, we thought SURELY everything would be back to normal by MAY 2021. But, here we are, 4 months from our cruise date, worried that the cruise won't actually happen as planned. Construction of the ship was delayed by several months and date of the first sailing has been moved to April. Ugh.

So, I've been thinking about other options in case our Caribbean cruise is cancelled and I think Panama City Beach is actually a great alternative. In fact, one of the things we love about Panama City Beach, FL is that the aqua-blue, crystal-clear water and white sand beaches remind us of islands we love in the Caribbean.

All week long on the blog, I'll be sharing how I would structure 7 days in Panama City Beach to incorporate the things we love about cruising:

  • New family adventures

  • Visiting beaches and water we can't see close to home

  • Unpacking once for the whole week

  • Mix of activity and relaxation

  • Something for everyone in the family to enjoy

  • Delicious and interesting food

  • Fruity, frozen, tropical drinks

  • Making memories

  • Disconnecting from the demands of daily life

Here's our "itinerary" for the week:

Day 1: AKA Embarkation Day

Day 2: Sea Day

Day 3: Port Day - Excursion: Island Time Catamaran

Day 4: Port Day - Excursion: Swim with Dolphins

Day 5: Sea Day

Day 6: Port Day - Excursion: Ponce De Leon Springs

Day 7: Sea Day

Look at This as a Chance to Book a "Suite"

I think anyone who has cruised before sees the cramped cabins as necessary evil. The trade off for the chance to visit tropical islands often comes in the currency of space onboard the ship. While suites are available on cruise ships, they cost a pretty penny and can easily double, triple or quadruple the cost of the cruise.

With a land-based trip, you don't have to make that trade off. Book a condo for the week and think of it like upgrading to a "suite" in terms of space and amenities! With private bedrooms and baths, a full kitchen, washer and dryer, ample space for a family, and the all-important ocean-view balcony, you might not mind the fact that you're still on land.

If you're looking for information on how to book the "suite" above in Panama City Beach, click here. If you're traveling with a larger group, consider our take on "adjoining cabins" by booking the Joy Coastal condo and our sister property - just one floor down!

Alright, now I think you've got the idea. Think of this blog series like a pre-trip planning report on Cruise Critic! I'll be sharing my top ideas for incorporating the best things about cruising into your land-based vacation in Panama City Beach, FL.

Tomorrow we'll start with Day 1: AKA Embarkation Day. So bring your imagination and come along for the adventure!


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