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Cruise Alternative Itinerary: Day 7 - Final Sea Day

Welcome to Day 7, our final day in the Caribbean cruise alternative-itinerary series we've been sharing all week. To recap where we've been, here are the previous posts from this series:

Don't let the fact that this is the last full day of your vacation sadden you. We have a day packed full of beach fun, so you can go out on a high note!

For breakfast on our last day, we like to make a trip to Thomas' Donut and Snack Shop.

These donuts are legendary in Panama City Beach. This beach-front, locally owned and operated snack shop, has been a fixture of PCB since it opened in 1971. They serve dozens of flavors of donuts. Our personal favorites are the filled donuts - peaches and cream, key lime, and the chocolate cream are definite winners.

While it is a little bit of a drive from the condo (20 minutes or so), if you're not in a hurry you can take roads along the beach to get there. We like to make it an experience. We'll put on our beach music playlist, open the sun roof, and savor the warm salty air while we drive. There is outdoor seating at Thomas', or you can take your donuts across the street to the beach and enjoy your breakfast there.

When you make your way back to the east end of the beach, you could visit St. Andrew's State Park. It's just a few minutes from the Joy Coastal condo, and offers taste of the unspoiled beauty of the Gulf Coast.

The park has hiking trails, beautiful beach access on the Gulf and Bay sides, and a fishing pier.

Not to mention one of the most beautiful views of Panama City Beach.

You can read our full review of St. Andrew's State Park here.

The last day of vacation always includes some time to start packing up and preparing for your trip back home. After you've had a chance to do this, you could spend some final time down by the water back at Dunes of Panama.

The last night is a great time to have dinner delivered so you can eat it near the water. We think the right meal for your last supper is steamed shrimp from the Local Steamer.

Local Steamer isn’t fancy, but the food is fresh and it’s the right answer for the beach. Our personal recommendation is to bring it back to the condo and eat it on the pool deck. Or because you’re on vacation, just have Door Dash deliver the food to you!

One final fantastic way to mark the end of your vacation is to have a private bonfire on the beach. Endless Beach Rentals offers bonfire packages where they will obtain the appropriate permits and set up a bonfire (complete with s'mores) on the beach. The bonfire can be arranged for 2 to 20 people, and additional features are available with bigger packages (corn hole, lighting, tables, hammocks, etc).

You can enjoy your last sunset and savor the sounds of the waves just a little bit longer. We think it's worth it for an experience that you won't soon forget. What a memorable way to close out this week!

Whew! Thanks for following along with us all throughout the series. We wish you a fabulous vacation. May many memories abound on your trip!


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