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Things To Do: St. Andrews State Park

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Things to do in Panama City Beach, FL: St. Andrews State Park

One of our favorite things to do in Panama City Beach is visit St. Andrews State Park.  St. Andrews is located just a few-minutes from our condo. This park offers something to interest visitors of all ages. 

We love to check out the local fishing scene on the jetty.  Throughout the year, you'll find different fish running in the Gulf.  Just strike up a conversation with any of the locals on the Jetty and you can learn about what fish are running while you're here.  Just last week, one of our friends caught a 30" mackerel at the Jetty. They are beautiful fish (and made great fish tacos!).

The jetty area is also a popular destination for snorkeling!  The clear water and the white sand for a great backdrop for viewing various marine life. St. Andrews State Park has two beach options.  The first is directly on the Gulf and has emerald blue water with sweeping views down Panama City Beach. 

Things To Do in Panama City Beach, FL: St. Andrews State Park
Things To Do in Panama City Beach, FL: St. Andrews State Park

The second beach is a protected bay that is perfect for small children.  When we visited recently, a blue heron landed on the jetty about 8 feet from us.  It was amazing to be so close to such a majestic bird. We loved watching the pelicans, fish, and seeing small fish fly out of the water.

Things to Do in Panama City Beach, FL:
Protected beach area at St. Andrews State Park
Things to Do in Panama City Beach, FL:  St. Andrews State Park
Finding sea creatures.

Before you leave, make sure to stop at Gator Lake.  You'll have a chance to see Florida gators in their natural habitat.  (From the safety of a viewing deck!)

We also love to go to the fishing pier at the park. If you go on a bright sunny day when the water is clear and calm, you can spot all kinds of marine life. We've seen stingrays, crabs, schools of fish, and dolphins from the pier.

The fishing pier at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, FL.

If you go in the evening, it's a lovely place to watch the sunset.

Catching a beautiful sunset with a friend at St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach, FL

The park has a boat ramp, boat rentals, bathroom facilities and a beach store. There is a small admission fee to St. Andrews State Park, which is open daily from 8 AM to sunset.


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