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What's that Sound?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

If you've been to Panama City Beach before, you might have noticed an interesting phenomenon on your morning walk along the beach. If you listen closely, you'll realize that the beautiful white sand of PCB squeaks. You heard me right. It SQUEAKS! If you haven't experienced this in person, it's time for you to book at week at the Joy Coastal condo! But until then, this is what it sounds like:

The squeaking sand brings a little extra joy to your walk on the beach. But why does it squeak? The sand is made up, primarily of tiny quartz crystals. These quartz crystals made their way into the Gulf of Mexico through rivers and streams farther north. Specifically, Quartz Crystals from the Appalachian Mountains made their way into the Apalachicola River, which runs into the Gulf of Mexico.

These tiny crystals are worn smooth and resemble small oval discs when seen under a microscope. The result for us is the sugar white sand that squeaks when you walk on it! I like to think of it as tiny cheers of joy that you're one of the lucky ones who is experiencing the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico. Cheers!


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