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Don’t Rain on My (Vacation) Parade

As much as we hate to consider it, it is possible that the weather won’t cooperate with your vacation plans when you're in Panama City Beach.

Our family experienced this on our much anticipated Disney cruise a few years ago. I hadn’t even really considered the possibility that we wouldn’t have beautiful, tropical weather until I saw some posts online about the stormy weather the previous cruisers had on our exact itinerary. Sure enough, we dodged torrential downpours on Castaway Cay both days we were there - not what we pictured at all!

Here are some of my tips for making the most of your vacation regardless of what weather conditions you’re dealt.

A Florida Rain Forecast Isn’t a Midwest Rain Forecast

As a born and bred Midwesterner, I can vouch for this! If you’ve traveled to Florida in the past, you probably know that it’s not uncommon to experience a pop up rain storm in the afternoon. These storms are usually short-lived and over almost as soon as they begin. However, the probability of these storms can create a weather forecast that appears far more rainy than it actually is.

TIP: Check the hourly forecast for the day and try not to be duped by the description of the day in your weather app.

Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate and it becomes clear that you’ll need a plan that doesn’t involve the beach for a while. Luckily, Panama City Beach has lots of indoor options you can consider!

One of my favorites is ​WonderWorks. At WonderWorks, you’ll be whisked into the upside down world of Professor Wonder and his wacky experiments. Highlights include hands-on activities focused on natural disasters, physical challenges such as lying on a bed of nails and the bubble lab, light and sound experiments, space discovery, an indoor ropes course, and laser tag course. WonderWorks has fun for people of all ages.

If your little ones need to get some energy out, you can always book some time at Just Jump PCB’s newest trampoline park. At Just Jump, you can jump to your heart’s content in a climate controlled environment. You pay based on the length of your jump time and rates are reduced for children under age 6. Watch for special Toddler Time (currently Wednesday and Saturday mornings) and Family Night (Monday from 5-9).

You can always catch a movie at ​The Grand - Pier Park​! This theater has 16 screens and includes IMAX films and D-Box which takes the movie experience to a whole other level with special effects that make you feel like you’re actually IN the movie.

The​ Ripley’s Believe It or Not​ has all of the oddities and eccentricities you’ve come to expect from the franchise, but also a 7D theater, mirror maze and laser race. This is a great option for a rainy day at the beach or anytime you need an air conditioned break from the sun!

This information is accurate as of June 2020, but you’ll want to double check it again before you go!


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