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Adventures At Sea Beach Rentals

We are so fortunate to have beach service and paddle board rentals available right in front of the Joy Coastal condo through Adventures at Sea. I had a chance to talk with Zach, who runs the beach rental hut, about his recommendations for visitors coming to Panama City Beach.

Joy Coastal: How long have you been in Panama City Beach?

Zach: This is my third year in PCB. I came here from Ohio after high school. I had a buddy with relatives here and he encouraged me to come. I just couch surfed the first summer, but now PCB has become home.

Joy Coastal: What rentals are available at the Dunes of Panama beach?

Zach: We rent beach chairs and umbrellas (by the day and by the week) and paddle boards here. I can also arrange dolphin tours, jet ski rentals and pontoon boat rentals through Adventures by Sea. The boat tours leave from the nearby marina.

Joy Coastal: What are some of your favorite restaurants in Panama City Beach?

Zach: J. Michaels - the oysters and grouper sandwiches are great, and the prices are reasonable. I also like Runaway Island for the water view and the food. The Sand Bar also has really good food. Finns, the food truck across the street is great for tacos. And if you're in the mood for Mexican food, Guadalajara and Los Antojitos are both good options. I also like Dat Cajun Place!

Joy Coastal: What are some of your "can't miss" recommendations for people visiting PCB?

Zach: Try parasailing and dolphin tours if you can! A trip to Shell Island is always a blast. I would also encourage people to get out on the water, either by boat or jet ski, for a different way to experience the gulf.

Make sure to talk to Zach at the beach rental hut about activities that are available through him on your trip. He's a wealth of knowledge about the area and has some great insights!


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